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Wallets are a fashion statement. While you might think that this is far from the truth, consider the many number of wallet designs currently available in the market. Just enter a store and you will find that a whole section is allotted just for men’s wallets alone. What this means is that there is a market for a men’s wallet that is not just for the plain looking piece, but also for a well designed wallet that will surely make a statement for the man who will be using it.

But how can something so small can be called a fashion statement? Consider the fact that guys will frequently be pulling out their wallets whenever they have to pay for something. And when they do, they will be showcasing it for the public to see, even if that is not their intention. Also, a man who earns a good income will naturally have a better looking and well made wallet instead of the cheap ones that last for only a few months and need to be immediately replaced.

So what makes a wallet highly fashionable? Nowadays it is the very slim types that make the grade. These very slim wallets usually carry just either paper bills or credit cards. They are too thin that they can carry just a few bills or cards. For this reason, a slim type wallet will frequently be used for credit cards alone as this means the man will not have to carry a lot of bills to make his purchases. And we all know that a man with lots of credit cards are usually well off because he can afford to pay for his purchases.

But slim is not always the in thing. Some guys who love to insinuate that they are tough and very manly would always prefer a stocky type of a wallet. This is usually very bulky and when placed inside a man’s pants pocket, will show a considerable bulge. For the cowboy type of guy who prefers to be seen as fashionably rough, this is the kind of wallet for him. Of course this wallet can carry almost anything that you can normally see in a man’s wallet. Paper bills, credit cards, business cards and others will snug perfectly in these wallets.

Some men will also prefer a more rugged looking wallet over the pristine pure leather types. This kind of wallet is usually purposely made to look worn out as to signify the manly features of a guy as well as high tough ways. Also, on the opposite of this type, there are those who are the business executive types who would regularly prefer a leather wallet over anything else. They want a normal sized wallet, made and smells of leather, and has enough compartments or space for the bills and credit cards. It is basically a status symbol why most men would prefer a leather type of a wallet. Of course it is always a matter of preference and usability that makes a wallet perfect for its owner.

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