How to Care for Your Leather Wallet

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Just because your leather wallet is durable does not mean that you will not need to take proper measures to prolong its life even more. Not only that, leather also needs regular cleaning. Just imagine the invisible bacteria that have collected on it. Just as you would not want to handle refuse from a garbage bin, you should not want to hold a leather wallet that has not been cleaned for weeks or even months.

If you have paid a fortune for your leather wallet, all the more that you should want to take proper care of it. Leather may be a strong and versatile material but it is also susceptible to creasing, tearing and even cracking. You need to find ways to prevent all these from happening. If the leather material is already showing some wear and tear, you could still try to save it from becoming a total wreck through the following.

Use leather conditioner

To keep your wallet from cracking, use leather conditioner regularly. Apply the conditioner liberally on your wallet. Try to get every surface covered. Let the conditioner soak into the leather material to keep it strong and new. If your wallet has already started to show signs of wear, the leather conditioner may still be able to save it. This, of course, will depend on the state your purse is already in.

Wipe with alcohol

Use alcohol poured into tissues to wipe dirt from your leather wallet. This is to disinfect it. Think of all the germs that pass into and onto this accessory. There must be millions of them thriving because of regular contact with money. Money is very dirty even if the bills still look crisp and the coins still look shiny. This is because money is passed from one hand to another through daily financial transactions. You have no idea just where your ten dollar bill has lived for the weeks before it has landed into your possession.

Place in a special case

Designer leather wallets come in special cases. These may be boxes or cloth with drawstrings. Whatever the material used for the case, you should never throw it away.  The case can protect your leather from being scratched by all the other items in your bag. If your bag does not have many compartments, chances are the items will be tumbling around when you move. Something with a sharp edge can easily scrape the leather. Though the leather is still strong, the scrapes and tears can make your accessory quite ugly.

Do not cram too many items in

Do not cram in too many bills and coins, not to mention all kinds of membership and credit cards, into your leather billfold. These can create unattractive bulges. Though leather is strong, it has its limit. You do not want to test that limit especially if it is an item that you want to preserve for a very long time. Forcing items into the accessory is definitely not a good practice. If you have too many cards, buy a separate case for them.


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  1. ken lau says:

    We are going to make a DIY genuine cow leather wallet, would you please advise what wordings and symbols should be printed for a care content label. Any such label samples ?
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

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